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Bring a Craving for Soul Food to Hoodfellas Kitchen

Posted October 30th, 2020

Two qualities make for a great restaurant: great food and great service. At Hoodfellas Kitchen here in Baltimore, owner Benjamin Thompson and his team stay true to their roots of cooking for family and friends with just that. 

Hoodfellas Kitchen offers a variety of American and soul foods, with welcoming dishes like macaroni and cheese, shrimp and grits, wings, burgers, and sandwiches filling their menu. With delivery and pickup options available, Hoodfellas’ offerings are the perfect addition to a picnic, cookout, or simple dinner with loved ones. It’s hard not to be full and happy with a plate of homestyle food, fried to perfection. 

Meatlovers in particular should be sure to visit Hoodfellas Kitchen for their various meat platters. With single, double, or triple options, you can choose from proteins including wings, ribs, steak, fish, and brisket. And, like every good meal, you can’t forget the sides⁠—choose from classics like baked beans, greens, or rice to complete your combo. 

If you’d rather start your day off with these flavors, their breakfast menu is equally tasty. Try the West or East Bmore Special for a particularly local flair, or opt for something sweeter with their fruity pebbles infused waffle. Sweet or savory, this soul food is sure to please. 

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