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Bring a Love of Cheese to Cheezy Mike’s Food Emporium

Posted January 22nd, 2021

In many contexts, “cheesy” isn’t an adjective that’s particularly positive. But, where the newly opened Cheezy Mike’s Food Emporium is concerned, it’s one that’s absolutely mouthwatering. 

Located at Mount Vernon Marketplace here in Baltimore, Cheezy Mike’s offers a revamped sort of comfort food, focusing on cookout-inspired favorites. Their menu is “eazy, breezy, cheezy,” with an emphasis on all things cheese. You’ll find classic cheese-based dishes, like chili cheese dogs and or toasted ravioli. But, overwhelmingly, you’ll find remixed items, like cheesesteak eggrolls, mac n cheese pie, and a pomegranate molasses grilled cheese. 

Dairy allergy, lactose intolerance, or ethical aversion to milk products? Be sure to check out their vegan options, with a “chik’n” parm sandwich or vegan “chzstk,” offering welcoming, accessible additions to a cheese-filled menu. With so many varieties, there’s genuinely something for every visitor to Cheezy Mike’s. 

“Check out Cheezy Mike’s in Mt. Vernon Marketplace,” writes Yelp reviewer Emily L. “You won’t be disappointed.” “This is just another example of the amazing food scene in Baltimore,” explains Kathea S. “Mike and his wife are amazing,” adds Dee P. “Food was good and he is very passionate about his craft.”

Don’t want to take their word for it? Visit Cheezy Mike’s for yourself and indulge in all things cheezy. 

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