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Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day Near Luminary at Sláinte Irish Pub and Restaurant

Posted March 12th, 2021

Translated to “health,” the Irish and Scottish commonly use the term “sláinte” as a salutation or drinking toast. Here in the States, the same word has become synonymous with the Irish-American pub—and there’s no better spot to raise a glass this St. Paddy’s Day than Sláinte Irish Pub and Restaurant

Like any good pub, Sláinte features plenty of drafts, including the all-important Guinness, Magners Irish cider, and even locally-brewed Guinness blonde. And, naturally, the pub offers must-have traditional dishes, like bangers and mash and scotch eggs. 

But what makes Sláinte special is its more unique offerings. Where else can you find pub curry chicken, an Irish take on bibimbap, and nachos or a cheesesteak topped with corned beef? The restaurant even offers a breakfast menu, with options like a breakfast sandwich topped with bangers, rashers, fried egg, and cheese, a traditional Irish breakfast, or an Irish cheesesteak omelet! 

At Sláinte Irish Pub and Restaurant, classic Irish recipes and creative iterations of traditional flavors come together for a quintessentially Irish menu, sure to have you toasting to your health—and your continued access to Sláinte.

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