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Fall in Love With Laotian Fare at Charming Elephant

Posted March 2nd, 2021

If you’ve yet to try the Lao cuisine offered at the newly opened Charming Elephant on Boston Street, you’re missing out on one of the most unique dinner options in the city. Be sure to add a visit to Charming Elephant to your calendar as soon as you can, because you’ll want to plan your return trips from the instant you take your first bites. 

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Laotian cuisine or it’s a new area of food for you to explore, you’re in for a treat at Charming Elephant. Satisfied customers have already turned to Yelp with their enthusiasm. One fan even summed up their thoughts on this food in just one word of praise: “YES.”

A trip to Charming Elephant will be marked by delicious dishes, authentic flavors, and attentive service, making for an overall experience it’s hard not to fall for. Stop by for Lao pho, Lao banh mi, or a serving of grilled chicken and sticky rice and prepare to be in love with Laotian food and culture from your very first taste!

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