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Now Open Near Luminary: Underground Pizza Company

Posted April 28th, 2021

Underground Pizza Company only opened about two months ago, but it’s already shot to the top of the list on Yelp if you’re hunting for Detroit-style pizza. UPC (as the cool kids call it) loads more than two pounds of dough and cheese into each square-crusted pie, and doesn’t skimp on the toppings to complete their crispy, gooey masterpieces. 

Choose from the classic, doused with red sauce atop the cheese, or more loaded slices with roasted wild mushroom, lemon pepper chicken, or pesto and eggs. A Detroit-style pie can be a completely different pizza experience depending on how you top it, and UPC has the magical combinations that are sure to mix up your take-out repertoire. The rest of the menu at Underground Pizza Company is limited (a few sandwiches and salads which are all great), but it’s really all about that thick, chewy, satisfying deep dish pizza. 

Visit the website to place an order, or to take advantage of UPC’s nationwide shipping of their frozen pies.

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