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Celebrating National Wine Day the Baltimore Way

Posted May 18th, 2021 Bin 604, drinks, National Wine Day, restaurants, wine

Red or white, sweet or dry, wine takes on all kinds of flavors and forms. This year, Luminary at One Light Residents, celebrate National Wine Day on May 25th! Taste a full-bodied red or a light white wine. The color of your favorite wine actually comes from the tannins in the grape skins. There is no better way to partake in National Wine Day than by pouring a glass of wine and pairing it with a good meal and even better company.

Check out these places in Baltimore for some delicious wine, meals, and great atmospheres this National Wine Day:

13.5% WINE BAR, located in Hampden, has a wall full of gorgeous wines to order, along with a complete bar and bar menu. This modern restaurant is a great place to sip some wine and enjoy your evening. The Wine Source has virtually every wine, beer, and spirit you can imagine. Located in Hampden as well, once you leave 13.5% WINE BAR, head on over to the WIne Source and grab some goodies for the rest of your night at home at Luminary at One Light. Pick up a bottle of one of their newest arrivals: Ant Hill Farms, a wine with warm spice flavors made in California. 

Enjoy a night out at your own pace at Serenity Wine Cafe. These 90 minute reservations involve you and your friends experiencing a self serve wine bar! Be your own bartender at this Locust Point location. With an emphasis on local flavors and sources, Chesapeake Wine Company in Canton will provide you with classic Maryland wine this May 25th! Cabernet, Red Porto, Prosecco, Chenin Blanc… of the 22 selections of wine by the glass and five different flights, you can’t go wrong at Chesapeake Wine Co! 

Natural wine, sake, and agricultural products are here at Angels Ate Lemons! At this Station North shop, try out natural wine like A Vita “Calabria Rosato” or Balagny ‘En Remont’ Magnum Bottle. If you love it enough, you can even sign up for a wine subscription to keep National Wine Day going on every month of 2021! 

Who doesn’t love wine with a view? Grab a seat at V-NO Wine Bar in Fells Point and sit on the waterfront patio after you select a bottle off their extensive shelf! With their wine flights, diverse selection of bourbon and beer, handmade cocktails, and wine by the glass menu, V-No Wine Bar has everything you need. 

Proud to bring the world’s best wines to Baltimore, Bin 604 Wine and Spirits has its shelves stocked with new wines every week. This expertise staff recommends trying the Jeremie Hutchet Chapeau Melon Rouge, Pares Balta Pink Cava Brut NV, and the new Kettmeir Pinot Bianco. With Free delivery on orders over $50, you can stay comfy at home and enjoy National Wine Day at Luminary at One Light thanks to Bin 604. 

Sip & Savor this National Wine Day

What isn’t there to love about National Wine Day? Celebrate and enjoy some new flavors or old classics this May 25th and share your photos with us at @LuminaryLiving.

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