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Celebrating National Relaxation Day the Baltimore Way

Posted August 11th, 2021 health, outdoor activities, relaxation, spas

Just when your schedule couldn’t get any busier, August 15th comes to the rescue! Celebrate National Relaxation Day this week by clearing your schedule to rest and recoup. Every year, August 15th is a reminder to meditate, clear your mind, rest your body, and de-stress. 9 year old Sean Moeller decided to pitch National Relaxation Day in 1985. If a 9 year old can emphasize the importance of relaxation, you as a busy adult at Luminary at One Light can, too! 

Here are some ways you can relax in Baltimore: 

Spas in Baltimore

Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore is ready to personalize your spa experience. With massages, no-touch treatments, hydrafacials, and more, there is no way your August 15th will not be delightfully de-stressed.  

Release all the tension in your muscles that work so hard every day at About Faces Day Spa & Salon. There are all kinds of massages, like sports, deep tissue, and hot stone, to address your every need! Bring your partner or significant other along and try out the couples massage as a celebration of National Relaxation Day. 

After being analyzed via a health screening, trained massage therapists at The Healing Path will create a specific massage session for you and your needs. If you love this experience and want to continue relaxing at the Healing Path, you can purchase a monthly massage and wellness package to save some money on future massage sessions. 

Integrative Health

National Relaxation Day is every day at Charm City Integrative Health. Their eastern and western medicine techniques are offered in many different ways to optimize your health physically and mentally. Acupuncture, salt therapy, red light therapy and whole body cryotherapy will take your day of relaxation to the next level. 

In an infrared sauna, breathe, stretch, and meditate your body into pure relief at The Loft’s Sauna House. Infrared burns fat, improves skin, aids in muscle relief, and reduces your stress hormone. You can dabble in their skincare services with ultra hydrating facials. 

The Great Outdoors

Sometimes the best way to relax is to get some fresh air and take in the views of nature. The Botanic Gardens at Rawlings Conservatory has displays of plants all over the world. Their greenhouses are distinct and replicate the Mediterranean, the Tropical forests, and the Desert. 

Sherwood Gardens is another great place to relax on August 15th! Take a stroll through the flower display and see the gardens of Baltimore. With restaurants nearby, museums and other attractions, you can spend the whole day outside taking in the sights of the season while participating in other activities as well.

There’s a variety of ways to relax right here in Baltimore to spend your National Relaxation Day. Outdoors and fresh air, personalized massages and facials, or meditation right in your home at Luminary at One Light—clear your schedule and take advantage of this deserved time off!

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