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Enjoy Artfully Crafted Pizza at Double Zero

Posted August 31st, 2021

You’re walking through the bustling streets of Baltimore and decide you’re hungry and would really like to try a new spot for fancy food that’s also not going to make you feel guilty when you get home. That’s when we would highly recommend visiting the upscale urban restaurant, Double Zero

Double Zero is one of the few Matthew Kenney restaurants around the eastern part of the United States… meaning you can truly trust you’ll be getting high quality meals, every time you visit. Each chef at Double zero is highly trained in the craft of recipe creation and a little bit of love goes into each and every meal that is prepared. 

Now to the not-feeling-guilty part. All Matthew Kenney restaurants, including Double Zero, are made using only whole and fresh ingredients and everything on the menu can be considered organic. You’ll also find it rather easy to select a healthy meal option as a vegan or vegetarian since the chef’s at Double Zero specialize in meatless cuisine.  

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