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Fells Point Wicked History Pub Tour: Explore Baltimore’s Haunted Past

Posted October 11th, 2021

Explore Baltimore’s haunted past during a Fells Point Wicked History Pub Tour this Halloween. This two-hour walking tour will immerse you in our city’s dark past as you walk through the dangerous streets of downtown Baltimore at night, full of rambunctious sailors, immigrants looking for a better life, and street vendors trying to make a quick buck. You’ll also get to explore the brighter side of our historic city, like the intriguing life of poet Edgar Allen Poe, and the incredible music sung by Billie Holiday, true visionaries of the town. This fun and exciting walk down memory lane is the perfect outdoor activity for this Halloween season, giving trick-or-treating a run for its money. 

Tickets can be purchased online and are only for people 21 and up, as alcoholic drinks will be served to all who are interested. The ticket price includes the entire walking tour for any weekend in October, with drinks sold separately. 

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