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Go Green in Baltimore this Earth Day

Posted April 13th, 2022 baltimore events, Earth Day, parks, sustainability, things to do

Earth and its environment are one of the most important aspects of sustaining human life. With so much change in the climate due to a variety of issues, there is also a change on a more individual level. What we do as a single human is enough to make a difference. Earth Day 2022 encourages us to create a prosperous and sustainable future by investing in the health of our planet and creating a green future. 

Luminary at One Light is taking part in Earth Day all month long! With a book exchange being hosted in the lobby, you can drop off some of your old books and find a new one to enjoy. The Luminary is also encouraging the 7 R’s — Recycle, Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Repair, Re-gift, Recover — to help keep the Earth healthy and not waste any of its resources. By taking part in Earth Day or celebrating with Luminary’s month-long initiative, residents can do their part in making the Earth a better and more sustainable place. 

Maryland is also taking part in some amazing events to commemorate the Earth and give back. From educational events to environmentally friendly activities, getting involved is the first step to creating a cleaner Earth. There are so many amazing opportunities to participate in and allow you to be the change you want to see in the world. 

Innovative Ideas for Change

Mr. Trash Wheel’s Earth Day Birthday 

One of the most exciting Earth Day events in Baltimore, and one of the most innovative developments to combat pollution in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, is Mr. Trash Wheel. As a semi-autonomous trash interceptor, this solar and hydro-powered machine funnels trash through his “mouth” (which is in reality a conveyor!) and enters a dumpster that sits on a separate floating barge from Mr. Trash Wheel. Since it is hard to separate plastics from other trash in the water, the trash is incinerated to create electricity, thereby recycling trash in a novel way! 

On April 23rd, you can celebrate Mr. Trash Wheel’s birthday and Earth Day together! For 8 years, Mr. Trash Wheel has been cleaning the Inner Harbor and keeping the environment clean with his contemporary design. Each ticket includes a Mr. Trash Wheel fanny pack, a birthday cookie, some fun craft activities, and an encounter with a real python! For a fun event that really brings together a community of environmental advocates, Mr. Trash Wheel’s Earth Day Birthday is not one to miss! 

Get Fit for the Earth 

Earth Day Celebration by B’more SUP

For a more holistic approach to Earth Day, Shawn Brown offers the best of both worlds. With a morning of paddling, followed by integrated oils and yoga practice, you will feel rejuvenated from this event! The essential oils used are all-natural and encourage a therapeutic approach to nature and its benefits, giving you ways to appreciate the Earth in entirely new ways!

FriYAY Flow: Earth Day BreakAway Flow

Connecting with the Earth and nature is one of the most important components of yoga. The transformative and On April 22nd, join BreakAway Yoga Studio in a flow that grounds you with the Earth and celebrates Earth Day. If you can’t make it in person, drop into the live stream to join this revitalizing flow just in time for Spring. 

Green Thumbs Up for Earth Day

Ace Garden Party and 20% Off Sale

Gardening is the perfect Spring activity that is both fun for you and good for the environment! With an unbeatable sale, creating your dream garden has never been easier. On top of this magnificent sale, you can find gardening tips from experts, grilling, giveaways, and a potting station to make this event even more exciting. Get ready for Spring and Summer, and create your perfect outdoor garden with all of the supplies and tips that ACE supplies you with! 

Cleaning Communities for a Cleaner Earth

Spring Cleanup

For a family fun event, the Federal Hill Preparatory School is hosting a cleanup event. With the opportunity to grow new life, such as planting bushes or apple trees, there is no better way to give back to the environment. Other forms of tidying up will also be available, and you can leave knowing you have made a difference for the Earth and created a cleaner environment for the students of Federal Hill Prep! 

Earth Day Cleanup

Want to actively join your community to make a difference? Holt Park in Elmwood can use some tender love and care when it comes to removing litter from its premises. By getting involved, you can clean the trails and grounds of litter and invasives to help clean the environment and make a difference this Earth Day. This event is perfect for adults and children, giving you the opportunity to get your kids included in making the environment cleaner and happier! 

Everyday Should be Earth Day

Join the annual Earth Day Clean-Up on April 16th at Patterson Park! You can take care of the Earth by disposing of litter and other forms of trash at the park to make it a cleaner environment. Food and drinks will also be available, making spring cleaning a fun and exciting event for everyone! 

Pour A Glass for Earth

Earth Day Celebration

Are you a fan of wine? Linganore Winecellars hold sustainability as their top priority when it comes to making wine. This Earth Day, you can join Linganore in a tour of their facility and see their eco-friendly practices up close and personal. After the tour, you can sip some delicious wine while shopping with local, sustainable vendors. For a celebration that not only tastes great, but is also educational and sustainable for the environment, Linganore Winecellars is the way to go this year! 

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day emphasizes the importance of caring for and keeping the environment clean and healthy. The Earth is our home, and we must treat it as such. Taking part in any activity, no matter how big or small, does make a difference! This year, keep the Luminary’s 7 R’s in mind to establish new habits that work towards creating a cleaner, happier Earth.

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