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Enjoy a Summer Like No Other in Charm City

Posted July 31st, 2022 outdoor activities, snowballs, Summer, things to do

There’s always something special about summer in the city, especially in one as beautiful as Baltimore! It’s finally time to enjoy breezy nights on the harbor, indulge in your favorite snowball flavor, and try more of Charm City’s warm-weather traditions. At Luminary, we’ve created a guide to spending summer in Baltimore, featuring all of our personal favorites! So, keep reading and get ready to fill your calendar with the best things to do in Baltimore this summer. 

Summertime Snowballs

Snowballs are a uniquely Baltimorean treat. Some believe these icy delicacies are similar to a snow cone or shaved ice, but a verifiable Baltimore snowball consists of tightly packed shaved ice, flavored syrup, and marshmallow cream on top and/or the middle. Snowballs date all the way back to the 1800s during the Industrial Revolution. As wagons with huge blocks of ice were shipped through Baltimore, kids along the route would ask for some ice shavings to cool off during hot summer days. Thus, the snowball was born. From there, local mothers started to beat eggs and add vanilla extract as flavoring. Today, we know this as a classic Baltimore snowball flavor—Egg Custard.

The best part? You can get one right near your apartment home at Luminary! Head to The Pretzel Twist in Fells Point, which has all the classic snowball flavors covered. Want to venture out and try more flavors? Visit Icy Delights in Brewer’s Hill or, for a gourmet twist, be sure to check out Quality Snowballs in Hampden, both of which offer great varieties of snowball selections.

Take Me Out to the Orioles Game

Nothing says summer quite like a baseball game. Grab your friends or coworkers and go to an Orioles game. Even if you’re not a baseball aficionado, it’s a great way to spend a night out––especially if you grab a Stuggy’s hot dog and a Natty Boh! Check the schedule to make sure you don’t miss a giveaway or fireworks night.

Set Sail on a Water Taxi

Long, sweaty walks or expensive surge-priced Uber rides? No thank you. The best way to get around in the summer is the Water Taxi! You can enjoy the refreshing breeze and spectacular views while the boat takes you along the harbor. The water taxi is fun all the time, but it’s especially nice during a BYO twilight cruise.

Sunsets and Sangrias at Baltimore’s Outdoor Bars

If you’re a landlubber who’d rather enjoy your drink from the comfort of solid ground, try one of Baltimore’s many outdoor bars. We love Sandlot and Ouzo Beach, both of which have great drinks and an even better atmosphere. Each boasts a packed schedule of events this summer, so be sure to look at their calendars for live music and more.

Relax at the Outdoor Movies

Spend a night under the stars while watching the stars on the big screen. An outdoor movie at 

Flicks from the Hill is the perfect summer evening activity. Hosted by the American Visionary Art Musuem, this free movie series includes family-friendly (but adult-approved) classics, like Jurassic Park and Wizard of Oz.

Feast on Baltimore’s Famous Crabs

Crab is more than just a menu item here in Baltimore––it’s an important part of our history and culture. Baltimore loves our crabs, and has since the mid-1800s! Our city has been a prime destination for Blue Crabs for centuries, sourcing and serving some of the finest crabs in the world. Try some for yourself at the Crab Deck at Captain James in Fells Point.

Have a Great Summer!

We hope you have the best summer ever and take advantage of all the fun things Baltimore has to offer. Don’t forget to tag us in photos of your summer plans on Instagram, @LuminaryLiving.

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