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Celebrating Women’s History Month in Baltimore

Posted March 17th, 2023 local businesses, small biz, women-run businesses

March marks Women’s History Month, commemorating women’s contributions throughout American history. The celebration of women’s history began in California and initially lasted a week, coinciding with International Women’s Day. The movement spread and was lobbied for national recognition, before being declared National Women’s Week by former President Jimmy Carter. It was not until 1987 when Congress passed Public Law 100-9 that the week was turned into a commemoration that spanned through the entirety of March as Women’s History Month. 

To celebrate Women’s History Month, support women-run businesses in Baltimore! There are numerous shops that are women-led  — who knows, you might even find a new favorite place in the city! 

Foodie Central

Sobo Cafe 

Founded by Anna Leventis, Sobo Cafe continues the tradition of American comfort food in Federal Hill. Sobo’s from-scratch menu has a variety of tasty eats that can also meet various diets of its customers. Try the classic Sobo Burger, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, roasted tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo. You can also visit Sobo during one of their tasty specials, like Latin Wine Wednesday, which provides select bottles of wine and a rotating Latin entree that will make your mouth water. Sobo Cafe has plenty of tasty American classics that you can enjoy while supporting a woman-run business! 

Berries by Quicha

Chocolate and strawberries are the ultimate desserts, combining both fruity and rich flavors into one amazing delectable treat. Berries by Quicha, a local Gourmet shop, offers fresh and tasty strawberries dipped in decadent chocolate for you to enjoy. The owner, LaQuicha Brown, uses her creative talents to craft mouth-watering chocolate strawberries you can’t find anywhere else. Each hand-dipped strawberry will taste like paradise, and leave you wanting more!

Emma’s Tea Spot

Emma Canoles grew up in an environment that focused on natural ways of life, like gardening and herbalism. Alongside her husband, Ben, the two have created a restaurant that provides clean and sustainable business practices in Hamilton. Emma’s Tea Spot most notably offers tea with a wide offering of flavors, such as Blueberry Hibiscus and Elderberry Healer. However, the shop also offers appetizers and pastries including tea cookies, ham and cheese toasties, and homemade mushroom soup. Enjoy the delicious food and tea at Emma’s, while also supporting a woman-led, sustainable business!  

Cholito’s Tacos

Nothing is tastier than a taco made from scratch, including locally crafted tortillas and fresh salsa. Deanne Rapanakis grew up in Los Angeles before moving to Charm City, bringing with her the knowledge of traditional tacos. The menu is kept easy and simple, yet still with a large variety of options. From tacos to quesadillas to burritos, you will find all of the classics eats here and more, including savory elote. Rapanakis’ dream was to bring good tacos to Mount Vernon, and she succeeded with her appetizing Mexican cuisine at Cholito’s Tacos


Created by Chef Nancy Longo, Pierpoint in Fells Point serves Maryland dishes and eclectic eats from around the world. Longo has been cooking all her life and received formal training at Baltimore’s International Culinary College. In 1989, Chef Nancy opened up Pierpoint, which received rave reviews from critics and customers alike. At Pierpoint, modern Maryland cuisine is at the forefront, with entrees like Maryland Fried Chicken or Pierpoint Crabcakes. For highly acclaimed meals and a Chef with an extensive background, Pierpoint is the perfect place to eat for Women’s History Month and beyond. 


Laura Alima and her husband David sought to reimagine what ice cream can be. The Charmery, an ice cream shop, offers traditional flavors, while also offering rotational flavors based on the season and other whims. The Alimas want the ice cream to be fun and inventive, and the duo has accomplished that with their unique creations. Some exciting flavors include Mandarin Miso, which is mandarin orange ice cream with white miso, and Ice Cream Sando, a sweet cream base with ice cream sandwich pieces. There is an array of treats to fill your sweet tooth at the Charmery in Hampden this March!

Clothing, Accessories, and More!

Pandora’s Box

Monesha Philips is passionate about fashion and accessories, as well as a talented business owner who aspires to create a lively and fun shopping experience for her customers. There is an array of items to choose from at Pandora’s Box. From tote bags with quirky sayings on them to catnip toys for your furry friend, Monesha Philips has designed it all to bring you unique finds that you cannot get anywhere else!

Poppy & Stella

With multiple storefronts, including one in Federal Hill, and an online shop, Poppy & Stella is a growing women-led business that hopes to inspire its customers to be authentically themselves. Owner Kelley Krohn Heuisler had goals of offering “something for everyone” when doors first opened in 2008. That goal became true with Poppy & Stella’s diverse clothing and accessory collections that range in styles and sizes, giving everyone the chance to find the items that fit them and their personality perfectly. 

Fitness Finds

Resistance Cycle

Resistance Cycle just opened its new doors in Harbor Point, bringing cycling fun to Baltimore. Owner Kelly Burger created the program during COVID, initially as a solely-online program before it transitioned to being able to offer in-person classes. Berger, also a three-time gold medalist in lacrosse with Team USA, has always had an affinity for working out and teaching others. At Resistance Cycle, you can sign up for individual classes or purchase a membership to gain access to a wonderful support system and workout that is designed to keep you fit. With 45 new Schwinn bikes in the studio, there is more than enough room for you to give cycling classes a spin.

Celebrate Women this March and Beyond

Women-led businesses are all around us — from fitness to food to clothing stores. Women, both historically and in the present day, overcome so many challenges to reach their goals and dreams. This can be seen through the many businesses in Baltimore where women have taken initiative and founded their successful establishments. Women’s History Month reminds us to support these women in their endeavors as they create their own history!

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