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Celebrating Earth Day in Baltimore

Posted April 18th, 2023 community events, Earth Day, events, holidays, local events, things to do

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22nd to commemorate nature, while also raising awareness of the harm and destruction happening to our planet. Earth Day raises awareness to important and vital issues to our planet, such as climate change and the need for a clean environment. 

You can participate in Earth Day and help to make a difference in the health of our planet right here in your own community! Check out these fun and exciting Earth Day events throughout Baltimore:

Earth Day at The Square

Located in Belvedere Square, check out Earth Day at the Square on April 22. There will be tons of tasty food options, live music, and even a caricaturist to keep you entertained all afternoon. At the end of your visit, head over to pick up a floral arrangement from their pop-up Flower Bar. Celebrate Earth Day with fun activities and bring home a piece of nature with you!

Annual Garden Party 

Head over to Ace Hardware for an amazing 20% Off sale that you can’t miss out on! From potting services, to tools, to even plants, you will get a steal at Ace Hardware’s Annual Garden Party this Earth Day. Purchase your own plants to bring home and grow while also learning tips from local gardening experts to help your plants thrive and to honor Earth Day. 

Earth Day Extravaganza

Make a difference this Earth Day at Patterson Park. Join the Friends of Patterson Park for an Earth Day Extravaganza as they take care of young trees, plant new trees, clean up trash littered around the park, and so much more! Tools will be available for use, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything other than yourself and your desire to help take care of Earth!

CCA Earth Day Community CleanUp & Swap

At O’Donnell Square Park, you can join local gardening groups and fellow nature lovers in this unique event. Bring your plants, containers, and/or tools to share during this swap. Or simply participate by helping clean up the park from litter, leaves, and other debris that might be negatively affecting the environment. Sign up now and get ready to help create a cleaner environment right in your own community. 

Mr. Trash Wheel’s Earth Day Birthday

Mr. Trash Wheel, Inner Harbor’s own semi-autonomous machine that pulls trash out of the water, is turning 9 this year! His Earth Day Birthday will be held at Pierce’s Park and will be full of tons of fun activities for kids and families to enjoy. From craft activities to live pythons, to a Mr. Trash Wheel beer for the 21+ crowd, this birthday party will be a cause for celebration for both Mr. Trash Wheel and for the health of the environment. 

Earth Day Yoga & Kirtan
At Druid Hill Park Zen Garden, you can join a mindful community in this two-hour practice that will help you remain grounded and connected to the Earth. Earth Day Yoga & Kirtan will begin with an interactive devotional song before moving into an all-levels yoga flow, concluding with an Earth prayer and uplifting group singing. This event will focus on healing individuals internally, while also transforming and healing the external world. 

B. Willow Earth Day Market

Check out this Earth Day Market that features local vendors who practice sustainable techniques to create their works. Vendors range from J Potts Designs, to Under the Cover Antique Books, and more. You can shop around for gifts for family and friends, or for yourself, while knowing that your purchases are environmentally friendly this Earth Day. 

Hands on HIIT Earth Day Cleanup

On April 23rd at Canton Waterfront Park, join this fun Hands on HIIT event. The first thirty minutes of the event will take you through an invigorating 30 minute HIIT workout that will have you sweating. Shortly after, you will take part in an hour long trash pick up that the Earth will thank you for. Once trash is collected, there will be a trash weighing (so far, the total of trash removed has accumulated to 9,311 lbs) to emphasize how much of a difference is being made. The event ends with a happy hour at Raw and Refined so you can celebrate your hard work both for yourself and for the Earth! 

Take Care of Mother Nature

Celebrating Earth Day by being an active participant for change is a great way to make a difference. From purchasing environmentally friendly goods, to cleaning up parks, to planting new trees, there are a variety of ways that you can get involved to help the Earth. Whichever you choose, you can feel confident in knowing that you are creating a brighter and healthier Earth for you and future generations to come.

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