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A Jam-packed July in Baltimore

Posted July 1st, 2023 events, food, Fourth of July, games, holidays, pets, things to do

Good food, good drinks, good weather. Baltimore has it all this summer! July offers so many fun events for Luminary residents to enjoy, from fireworks to videogames to ice cream. So break out those summer clothes and enjoy the sun!

All of July

Luminary at One Light will be partnering with local organizations to give back to schools in need. From July 1-31, please stop by the front desk to donate school supplies and help our Baltimore community flourish. 

4th of July Celebration

The Inner Harbor will be host to an exciting Independence Day celebration. It is a 7 hour event, lasting from 3pm to 10pm. In addition to food, activities, and a DJ at West Shore Park, there will be street performers and attractions all along the promenade throughout the event. The night will conclude with a dazzling fireworks display set to the sound of live music from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Fireworks will be visible from the rooftop of Luminary, but this event is worth coming down to the Inner Harbor to see everything up close and personal.

National Video Game Day

July 8 is National Video Game Day, and GameOn Bar & Arcade in Federal Hill is the ideal place to celebrate. Video games are not just for kids, and GameOn is a great place for adults to enjoy some drinks while participating in some recreational (or competitive) gaming. The arcade has a plethora of games available, such as Ms. Pacman, Robocop, Pac-man, Frogger, and many more! If you’re not a video gaming type, GameOn also has activities such as Skeeball and Bubble Hockey available. 

National Kitten Day

July 10 is one of the most cute and cuddly days of the year: National Kitten Day! 95.6 million Americans own cats, showing just how irresistible these little creatures are. National Kitten Day is a great time to consider adopting a cat. If you are looking to adopt a cat, consider BARCS, a rescue for potential owners to find animals in need of a home. Remember, adopt, don’t shop!

7/11 Day

7/11 is one of most well-known and prevalent convenient stores in the country. One of its most delectable treats is the Slurpee, a frozen drink that comes in many different flavors. Beat the heat by coming into the store on July 11th to get a free Slurpee, and enjoy discounts on other select store items. There’s a 7/11 near you to enjoy this fun, refreshing day!

BricknFire Pizza Company

From 4-7pm on July 12, the Luminary community will be visited by the BricknFire Pizza Company, a food truck that cruises the streets of Baltimore with their wood fired oven on wheels. They combine authentic Italian and locally sourced ingredients to provide delicious pizzas with a variety of topping options available. Make sure to visit their food truck to get your new favorite pizza!

National Ice Cream Day

July 16 is National Ice Cream Day, and Baltimore is host to a number of classic ice cream shops, none better than BMore Licks in Federal Hill. Their homemade ice cream comes in many flavors, ranging from Cookies & Cream to soft serve Fruity Pebbles. BMore Licks also offers dairy free and vegan options for customers!

National Chess Day

July 20 is International Chess Day, and if you’re looking to play competitively, check out the Charm City Chess Club. Charm City meets at the THB Bagelry and Deli of CharlesVillage, and holds quarterly tournaments for cash prizes. New to the game? Charm City Chess Club also offers lessons from highly successful players!

National Parents Day

July 23 is National Parents Day, and what better way to celebrate than to treat them to a relaxing day in the city? Bring them to brunch at the Blackwell Hitch, conveniently located mere minutes from Luminary. This upscale dining establishment is a perfect spot for brunch with the parents, pairing delicious food and drink with an exquisite atmosphere.

One Light Open House

Having friends as neighbors is something everybody loves. Bring your friends to the Luminary at One Light Open House on July 29 from 12-5pm to show them what they’re missing! Stop by, grab some refreshments, and maybe gain a new neighbor in the process.

National Mutt Day

Dogs are man’s best friend, and mutts are often some of the best dogs that anyone can ask for. Instead of shopping from a breeder, consider adopting one of these adorable dogs. You’ll be saving a life and might just gain a new best friend. Use BARCS to find your next pet! 

Great Times For Everyone

Residents of Luminary have no shortage of places to go and things to do during the month of July. There’s no summer like a Baltimore summer, so get out there and enjoy!

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