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Support Black-owned Businesses this February and Beyond

Posted February 2nd, 2024 Black History Month, Black-owned businesses, holidays, retail

February is Black History Month, a great time to reflect on the challenges we’ve overcome as a nation and the challenges that lay ahead in the fight for civil rights. Baltimore was at the center of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and continues to be a hub for Black culture and business. This Black History Month, support Black-owned entrepreneurship in Baltimore by checking out these amazing businesses:

Cane Collective

Three years ago, Clinton Jackson, Alexander Aaron Joseph, and Ezra Allen decided something was missing in the spirit industry: an understanding of rum. They filled this gap by founding Cane Collective, a consulting agency dedicated to helping companies create spirit marketing opportunities in the Baltimore area. In addition to their consulting, Cane Collective offers delicious pre-mixed cocktails, like the Cinnamon Cider Punch and the Pumpkin Chai Toddy. Cane Collective is on the brink of becoming a household name in Baltimore, so be sure to try one of their drinks today!

Crust By Mack

Crust By Mack is a pop-up pastry shop that does more than create delicious desserts. Founder Amanda Mack and husband Jarrod Mack raised over $6,000 for local charities in their first year alone, making them beloved in the Baltimore community. A family business through and through, Crust By Mack is sure to make your mouth water with their World Famous Bmore Crust Crab Pie and their Broiled Salmon Cakes Over Cheddar Grits!

Dollhouse Boutique

Natalie Karyl is a fashion visionary whose work is adored by celebrities such as Teyana Taylor and Ariel Winters. You can also dress like a superstar by visiting Karyl’s store, the Dollhouse Boutique. Upgrade your fashion game and have a chance to meet the vibrant Natalie Karyl by visiting Dollhouse’s location on Charles Street in Mount Vernon.

Drama Mama Bookshop

Alisa L Brock, owner and founder of Drama Mama Bookshop, is a believer in the profound, therapeutic effects of journaling. It helped her become a stronger person, and it is a gift she loves giving back to the community. Drama Mama Bookshop sells pre-made and custom journals designed to help you find your higher self. Journaling is a habit everyone can benefit from, and Alisa makes sure this habit is fun and easy to develop.

KSM Candle Co.

Letta Moore was a Marketing Director before she decided she wanted to develop a skill that would be useful in a zombie apocalypse. From this desire, KSM Candle Co. was born. To Letta, her candles are about more than just their amazing scents, such as Watermelon Sugar and Pomelo. They’re about passion, creativity, and the drive to put something new in the world. Get a whiff of these values by visiting KSM Candle Co. on Clipper Mill Road near Roosevelt Park.

Pandora’s Box

Monesha, owner of Pandora’s Box, knows the power of appearance. Every piece of clothing, every accessory we choose to wear says something about us, and Monesha takes the same approach when choosing what items line the walls of her store. She’s got a keen eye for trends, making Pandora’s Box an always-fashionable place to shop. Stop by Pandora’s Box in Federal Hill for a fashion, accessory, and home goods shopping experience unlike any other!

Ivy Hotel & Magdalena Restaurant

Eddie & Sylvia Brown, owners of the Ivy Hotel and Magdalena Restaurant, set out to create a “Jewel” for Baltimore. They succeeded. Ivy is one of the finest places to stay in Baltimore and Magdalena celebrates Baltimore culture by cultivating fresh, local ingredients that bring flair to every dish. The Browns’ tireless devotion to equality and their strong ownership make them symbols of Baltimore’s greatness.

Berries by Quicha

What do Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and Beyonce all have in common? They’ve been customers at Berries by Quicha, a local gourmet chocolate covered strawberry shop! Quicha makes chocolate covered strawberries for all occasions and even arranges strawberry platters in the shapes of company logos, photos, and more. Berries by Quicha uses only the freshest berries, so whether you’re buying them for an occasion or just a snack, there will be something to love.

Koba Cafe

Adama, owner of Koba Cafe, didn’t always work in the food and service industry. In fact, he studied civil engineering, but found he had a passion for working with people while he worked part-time as a barista. Koba Cafe is a product of that passion, and it fosters a comfortable environment where everybody feels like friends and neighbors. Whether you’re there for a quick coffee or to get some work done, Koba Cafe wants to welcome you to its community.

Midnite Confections

Midnite Confections is a Baltimore cupcakery with strong roots. Owners Sandra and Aaron both come from cooking families and wanted to bring the joy they got from baking to the greater community. And so, Midnite Confections was born. The cupcakery produces both classic and original creations that are bound to get tummies rumbling. The Black Velvet and Salted Caramel are local favorites!

Honor Black History in February and Every Month

Whether you’re looking for a smooth drink, stylish clothes, or delectable desserts, Baltimore has a Black-owned business for you to visit. Be sure to give your support to Black-owned businesses in Baltimore this February and beyond.

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